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Thursday 10 September 2020

Lesson No.2 SEO Question Bank

Questions Shared by 

Mrs. Shilpa Kate, IT Lecturer, S.B. Patil College of Science & Commerce, Ravet, Pune


Q1. Fill in the blanks.

1.     The full form of SEO is  Search Engine Optimization

2.     Backlinks  are links on one website that, when clicked, take the user to another site.

3.     One of the optimization factor to improve   images   is   by   using alt attribute

4.     An SEO   Audit   helps to find out what you  can  be  done  to     improve  ranking  on  search  engines,  so that   consumers   can   find   the website with greater ease.

5.     The Robot.txt files  tells  search engine which pages you want to exclude from indexing


Q.2. Match the following.

A                                                                B

1. Image optimization                       a)  meta tag

2.Links to Twittter, facebook            b).SEO Techniques

3.description about author                c).Alt attribute

4.White hat Strategy                         d. Social media optimization

ANS  : 1 àc       2àd     3 àa     4àb


Q3. Multiple Choice Question. (2 correct answer)

1.     The page content optimization can be done by using keywords in

a)<font> b) <title>    c) <hr>  d>  <meta>   e) <input>


2.     Other factors to rank the website higher are

a)     Desktop friendly

b)    Speed of the website

c)     Creating robots. txt

d)    No backlinks

e)     No external links.


Q4. Answer in brief.

1.     Define SEO. State types of SEO.

Ans :SEO  is  a  technique  used for:  designing and developing a website be to rank high in search engine results.

 There are 2 types of SEO

1. On-Page SEO is concerned with   information   that   is   displayed  to  the  end  user, such  as  text,  images  and website navigation.

2. Off-Page SEO is   concerned  with   Website-Website  relationship

  Do  other  websites   refer  to  you

  do  you  refer  to  others?

  How  good  is  your  network

2.     Which    are    the     different     SEO techniques?

Ans : There are following 2 techniques of SEO

1.White  Hat  SEO  :  It  uses  Search  engine-  approved  website  optimization strategies,  techniques,  and  tactics.

1.     Optimize  for  humans  not  search  engines;

2.     Create  quality  content  that  people  actively  want  to  read  and  share

3.     Create  a  website  for  the  right  reasons!

2. Black  Hat  SEO  :  Uses   techniques  that search  engines  do  not  approve. 

1.     Break  or  Bend  search  engine rules

2.     Focus  on  search  engines  over  users;

3.     Hack  into  peoples’  websites.

3.     Explain in      short White Hat technique.

1.White  Hat  SEO  :  It  uses  Search  engine-  approved  website  optimization strategies,  techniques,  and  tactics.

1.     Optimize  for  humans  not  search  engines;

2.     Create  quality  content  that  people  actively  want  to  read  and  share

3.     Create  a  website  for  the  right  reasons!

White Hat strategies :

1. Prioritize Quality Content :- content on your website is one of the most significant ranking factors  within  search  engines.

2.Well Labeled Images: refers to use informative  alt  text  to tell  Web site viewers  the nature or contents  of  an  image.

3.Relevent text & references -   The intention here Linking to relevant websites will increase  your  credibility.

4.Complelete sentence with good grammar :- Content  must be meaningful  understandable to user.

5. Standard  compliant  HTML :- Use CSS define  the layout, colors, and fonts  of  a web page.

6.Unique  &  relevant  HTML  title:  Search  engine  believes  in originally  created  content .

4.     Explain in      short Black          hat technique.

Ans  Black  Hat  SEO  :  Uses   techniques  that search  engines  do  not  approve. 

1.     Break  or  Bend  search  engine rules

2.     Focus  on  search  engines  over  users;

3.     Hack  into  peoples’  websites.

Black Hat strategies:-

1.     Duplicate  Content: This   is  one  of  the  techniques  where  content  from  one  page  is  simply copied  by  the  website  owner  onto  his  own  website.  Google  is  strictly  against  this practice  and  believes  in  originally  created  content.

2.     Keyword  stuffing:- refers  to  the  practice  of  filling  your  content  with  irrelevant  keywords in  an  attempt  to  manipulate  where  the  page  ranks  on  search  results  pages. 

3.     Invisible  Text:-   The  intention  here  is  to  match  the  text  color  to  the  color  of  the background.  By  doing  so,  website  owners  hide  their  keywords  from  users  but  make  it visible  to  the  Google  search  engine.

4.     Clocking  or  Incorrect  Re-directs :-  Content  viewed  by  user  is  different  from  that  search engines.

5.     Links  from  sites  with  non  relevant   Contents:-  Linking  to  non-relevant  websites  will decrease  your  credibility, then  your  page  might  be  incorrectly  categorized.


5.     Explain  in  short  SEO  Keyword search.

Ans: SEO   keywords   are   the   important words and phrases related to the developed website content.

Ø  A list of keywords. Need to  be  carefully  choosen  to  optimize  the search.

Ø Keyword Research and Analysis is an important part of the Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)  as  well  as   “ Search Engine Marketing".

Ø For“ Search  Engine  Marketing”,  one can  pay for certain keywords. Ex. Google AdWords Keyword Planner


6.     Explain  any  two  Page  content optimization points.

Ans: Page  content optimization points are

1.   <TITLE>   :  Title  is  the  first thing  that  user notices in search result   list  while  using  Google for searching.  Contents  should  be  up to  60  characters (spaces  included).

2.Meta-description  Tag : While creating   a   web   page,   Meta  description  should  be  used  to  boost    your    On-Page    SEO.  Meta   Description   should   be  between 70  and  160  characters (spaces included).

3.Heading   Tags   :  The   page  should  include  proper  heading   tags    from    <h1>    to    <h6>

7.     Explain how could  you optimize images.

Ans:  Image     Tags     with     ALT attribute  :  The  alt  attribute gives   information   about   the image,  so  even  if  image  the does  not  download,  it  can   make  the  viewers    understand    the  image related  information


Q1.Fill in the Blanks

1.SEO(search Engine optimization)  is  a  technique  used for designing and developing a website be to rank high in search engine results.

2. Search Engine is an online program or software that helps users to search for information    on    world    wide    web.

3. For <meta > tag  description Contents   should  be  up to 160 characters (spaces  included

4. For page structure optimization , Html  programs  should  start  with

 <!doctype html>

5.Bookmark  are website links  that are stored  for future references.

6. SEO Audit  helps   to   find    out  what  could  be  done  to  improve   ranking  on  search  engines,   so   that   consumers  could   find   the   website   with   greater  simplicity.  

7. Robots.txt file tells  search  engine  which  pages  you want  to  exclude  from  indexing.

8.SEO keywords   are   the   important words and phrases related to the developed website content.

Q2.True or false

1.SEO is all about optimizing a web site for Search Engines.

ANS: True

2. SEO is   a  subset  of  search  engine  marketing.


3. <img>  it  should  be  self    enclosed  like  this-   <img />


4. With  Social   bookmarking,   you   can  not  create  high-quality backlinks.


5. For“ Search  Engine  Marketing”,  one can  pay for certain keywords.


6. Use of Invisible Text is white Hat Strategy.


7. <img>  with  alt  attribute  also  contributes  to  Optimization .


Q3. MCQ Select  1 correct option

1. Which on-page element carries the most weight for SEO?

a.     The meta keywords tag

b.    The title tag

c.      The headers (H1, H2, H3, etc)

2. Which of these activities is not recommended when it comes to acquiring backlinks for your website?

a.Publish guest articles on fashion blogs

b.Promote your website by taking part in fashion forums online

c.Purchase 1000 links from a website

3. What is meta description?

a. A short description of your web page that lets a search engine know what the page is about

b.A place to put the keyword for a page

c.A description of your company that is displayed above the title tag.

4. Using the same keywords too many time on your web pages, which has a negative effect on user experience and ranking, is a practice called:

a.keyword stuffing

b.keyword density

c.keyword research

5. A friendly URL is:

a.The URL with cryptic text ad a lot of numbers

b.Short, with recognizable text

c.Short, with recognizable text and relevant keywords

6. What does SEM stand for?

a.Self Employed Marketers

b.Standard Elimination

c.Search Engine Marketing

7. What term best denotes the content of a website that spiders can understand and index easily?

a.readable content

b.quality content

c.indexable content

8.  What is the approximate length of a title tag will be considered by most search engines?

a.120 characters

b.40 characters

c.60 characters

9.Keyword research helps you:

a.Determine the keyword density on your website

b.Explore the competitiveness of the keywords and estimated amount of traffic for those keywords

c.Find out how to use keywords in the content

10. If you were to use keywords in the same color as the background of your website, thus hiding them, what kind of SEO technique would you be practicing?

a.Leverage branding

b.White hat SEO

c.Black hat SEO

11. Search engine optimization is the process of ___________ of a website or a web page in a search engine's search results.

a.     Affecting the visibility

b.     Generating Cached Files

c.      Getting Meta Tags

d.     None of these

12.  Serving different version of a page to search engine and to human visitors is called ________ SEO.

a.     Tapping

b.     None of these

c.      Fooling

d.    Cloaking

13. Writing Repeating keywords and  filling  your  content  with  irrelevant  keywords in  an  attempt  to  manipulate  where  the  page  ranks  on  search  results  pages.

a.     Keyword Hijacking

b.    Keyword Stuffing

c.      Keyword Cloaking

d.     None

14. What is keyword density?

a.     No of times the keyword is used/total word count on page

b.     The number of times the keyword used in title

c.      The No of times the keyword used multiply by total no of word count on page

d.     The number of times the keyword used in page description.

15. Which query will give the list of web pages  indexed by a particular search engine on given domain

a.     list:

b.     link:

c.      webpage:

d.    site:

16. What is anchor text?

a)     It is the main body of text on a particular web page

b)    The text within the left or top panel of a web page

c)     It is the visible text that is hyperlinked to another page

d)    It is the most prominent text on the page that the search engines use to assign a title to the page


Q4   MCQ select 2 correct options 

1.Which of the following tactics are good for your search rankings?

a)    Adding navigation links to your page’s template

b)    Using text that is the same color as your page’s background

c)     Linking to your site from other websites

d)    Use of stuffed keyword

e)     Use of duplicate content.

2. Which of the following are types of SEO ?

a.     On Page and Front Page SEO

b.    On Page

c.       Off Page SEO

d.     Gray Page SEO

e.      Front Page SEO

3. What are OFF page factors?

a.     Title tags

b.     H1 Tags

c.      Description

d.    Blog/forums

e.      Social media

4.  Which are the following tools , analyses  the  websites  health.

a)     Seomator

b)     SEOptimer

c)     Robot.txt

d)    Social bookmarking

e)      Google chrome

5.Following are the white hat strategies?

a.  Break  or  Bend  search  engine rules

b.  Focus  on  search  engines  over  users

c.   Optimize  for  humans  not  search  engines;

d. Create  quality  content  that  people  actively  want  to  read  and  share.

e.   Break  or  Bend  search  engine rules

Q5.Select 3 options

1.Off-Page SEO is concerned with

a.     Website-Website relationship

b.     Do  other  websites   refer  to  you

c.      do  you  refer  to  others?

d.     Text displayed  to  the  end  user

e.       images   display to user and website navigation.

2.What are On page factors?

a)    Title tags

b)    H1 Tags

c)     Description

d)    Blog/forums

e)     Social media

3.  What are the correct statements for Black  Hat  SEO  :

a)    Uses   techniques  that search  engines  do  not  approve.

b)    Break  or  Bend  search  engine rules

c)     Focus  on  search  engines  over  users

d)    Optimize  for  humans  not  search  engines;

e)     Create  quality  content  that  people  actively  want  to  read  and  share.

4. What are the white Hat strategies?

a.     Duplicate content

b.    Well labeled images

c.      Invisible text

d.    Relevant links and references

e.      Standard- compliant HTML

 5.For Page structure optimization (on-Page SEO) it is recommended to use

a.     Meta-description  Tag :

b.    Image     Tags     with     ALT  attribute 

c.      Heading   Tags    

d.     Social Bookmarking

e.      Backlinks